being right is never the most important thing

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i saw a video the other day on a truck beating red light.. the video is from the dash cam of the car that’s supposed to have the right of way.

i show it to H and asked: what’s the lesson here?

well, the lesson is: being right is not important if you cannot stay alive.. you cannot even fight to say ‘i have right of way’.

i meant it as a joke (and i can do that because no one was hurt in that incident).

but also, it is applicable for so many other things eg. being right is not important if it means paying the relationship as a price.. you get to be right for that moment, but perhaps wrong from then on if the relationship was more important.

as humans, we like to be right. it feels good.. actually, fucking great.

but there’s a lot more things that are more important and sometimes, we let that desire to feel good in the moment cause us to lose what’s even more important.

being right is never the most important thing anyway – even for the most self righteous person. cos it is what they think being right brings about eg. power, authority, worth, capability, etc. that, is what really is important to them.

that’s some shadow work available to do. ????

i love being right by the way. but i dont HAVE TO be right all the time.

and if you love to be right, and HAVE to be all the time.. you are likely suffering because you are losing things/people that are actually more important (im probably right about that ????).. come explore some shadow work with me!

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