the world is fucked.

have you ever wonder why are we needing to be mindful of burnout, self love, intuitive eating, resting, etc now?

before diet cultural, there’s no such thing as ‘intuitive eating’.. it’s just.. eating.

and now society is putting emphasis on self care, resting and all that shit?

seriously, all these are intuitive for a human being.

look at a baby or toddler. 

babies sleep when they are tired. then slowly they learn to stay up because staying up is more ‘fun’.

these are innate human instincts that we forgotten.

when babies grow up and learn that they gotten keep going.. hustle on, beeeeeeech.

it’s not exactly a choice to ‘stay’ because it’s fun anymore, but more of what everyone is doing.

before we learnt to value logical mind more than our inner wisdom, there was no need to learn to listen to our intuition. it’s just.. living naturally.

let’s unfuck this shit!

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