why am i not invested in client’s growth and progression.

crop faceless woman planting seedling into soil

i not invested in my client’s growth and progression.

i care for them and i want them to progress and grow..

but i am not invested.. im not looking for any return or gain from their growth.

i do not push and drag them to do the work so that i can have their progression or growth to prove my worth.. my work.. my competence.. as my badge of honour.

my clients are not my result slips.

because of that, i can meet them where they are.. and flow with where they are meant to go..

i hold them accountable and have full ownership of their life – that’s how i hold my clients up to.

i cannot and should not be invested in their life. they are the only investor of their life.

im here to support – and that means, im always ready to catch them if/when they are falling.. or fallen.

but i am not holding/dragging them to move.. nor holding tightly onto them with fear that they will fall or fail.

(if they are in a space where they require hand holding for each step, i would. but i do not do it by default out of fear.)

and i invite you to explore having a coach who is NOT invested and has no personal agenda on your growth.

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