on “self sabotaging” (and why i dont subscribe to it)


for the ‘words people’, here’s the gist: years ago, i subscribed to the idea of self sabotaging. as i grow and evolve, what i believe in changes and i no longer believe in it. here’s why.

“sabotaging” means to destroy, make things difficult, etc. and that is done mostly by a person who is against another. when we subscribe to the idea of self sabotaging, we basically subscribe to the idea that we are against ourselves, we are in conflict within. which is defeating the whole idea of inner work, healing etc where we reconcile, develop better relationship with ourselves, reconnect with ourselves etc.

of cos there are actions we take that look like self sabotaging, but the intention is definitely not. eg. if i want to a relationship but i did things to push people away. my intention is not to self sabotage, but to protect myself – from getting hurt, etc.

so it’s important to draw that distinction that my action may look like i am self sabotaging but the real intention is that i am protecting myself.

instead of fighting ourselves, perhaps explore why we take that action. then we can better work on it. eg. i can work on learning how to be resilient, or how i can heal, strengthen, etc if/when i get hurt so i no longer need to protect myself from it.

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