you can heal without reconciling with the person who caused you hurt.

if you are more of a word person, here’s the gist.

many healers, teachers, coaches, therapists, etc subscribe to the idea that you need to speak to, reconcile, forgive the person who caused you hurt, trauma, pain etc. not saying they are wrong. just offering a different perspective – fuck it.

not everyone is ready to have conversations when you are ready. not everyone will be ready this entire lifetime. or maybe the person has passed on. dont rush yourself to be ready to have that conversation “before it’s too late”.

it is possible to heal, move on with life without needing to speak to the person. it is possible to heal and still be angry at that person for doing something to you.

of cos if it worked for you to confront and speak to the person, great. if not, i hope you find peace with this different perspective. there’s no one way to heal.

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