fun time april 2024

the current fun times we are in: 

  • new moon
  • transit in gate 51 gate of shock and gate 57 intuitive clarity (human design)
  • mercury retrograde

new moon signifies new beginning.

the transit in gate of shock in the sun is like the “loud” energy of this current period. it may be bringing some emotional turmoil and ‘rude’ awakening moments, crashing or tearing apart what you have been building on and/or thought to be working, etc.

the transit in gate of intuition in earth is like a soft grounding energy that you can tap into amidst the chaos – tuning into your own knowing of what’s best for you.

the gate of shock and intuition seems like it opposite of each other on the surface but it is not true. they can work very well hand in hand in any direction.

you can fall into fear patterns from the “shock” you experiencing and trigger your intuition to step into an (overly) protective mode.

or, you watch the “shocking” events with curiosity and openness.. which then becomes surprises instead of shock. which will lead your intuition into guiding you to possibilities.

underneath these, we also have mercury retrograde – one that many give more power and concern than is required.

mercury retrograde is one where we are told not to rush into decisions, launch new things or make serious commitments.. it is where miscommunications peak, electronics problems and plans don’t work out. (but seriously, i can recall more times in my entire life that plans do not work out than when it does. and i dont think it’s a retrograde thing. ????)

so here are some of the typically things being said for such a period of time.

  • new moon rituals to clear the negative emotions and start afresh
  • set intention for the new cycle
  • be cautious of fear, anxieties, etc
  • remain calm, humble, 
  • be careful in communication
  • do not go into contracts (which means commitments, projects, etc)

but you know i don’t do ‘typical’. so here’s what i suggest you do.

  • flow with the energy, not resist it
  • slow down and take a step back
  • look beyond what’s in front/happening
  • lean into your emotions, give them space
  • tune into your inner, deeper knowing
  • take inspired or intuitive actions
  • be aware of what you are going into
  • be clear and specific in communication (please do this all the time too)
  • take the opportunity to explore possibilities – with the shock that you are experiencing, what is possible to come out of it?

may you flow and ride the energy with curiously, playfulness and openness. ????????

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