a new season of experiment

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a new experiment

i experiment with things all the time, whether it’s psychology concepts, human design, reiki, channeling, akashic records, yoga.. ANY modalities / skills / concepts – i want to experience AND experiment AND apply it myself. 

(or at the very least, i want to hear real personal stories/case study  from others – not just on social media kind. but if i can, then i definitely want to have my own experience and experimentation)

over the years, i experimented with different ways to do this social media / online thing for the business and what i am really looking for is a way that i can do things sustainably. and this time, it feels like this experiment is formed from all the other experimentations.

with this new experiment, you will see

  1. some of my posts being numbered and with a short description (4 days after i posted, i realised i cannot number them cos that will leave me no space for spontaneity)
  2. old post being reposted / edited
  3. some of the things i shared in the past being corrected totally
  4. more regular posting

building my library

ive always like writing as a form of expression.. i blog a lot in the past, diligently.. because i really like it.

i still enjoy writing as a way of sharing.. after trying videos, audio, etc.

(being good at something vs enjoying something are two different things. i dont think i am good and i often have typos and grammar mistakes.. but i really enjoy it)

the numbering and short description is something i’m experimenting with – to document all the random things i dropped here.

ive always wanted to build a library of my spontaneous inspiration, random realisation, long ramblings.. or any insights, retrospections, etc. so i can refer back and cringe.. and/or add on to my own thoughts.

i did not say this, but i hold it close –

‘if we dont cringe when we look back at what we written in the past, we have not grown.”

(not word for word, but the gist is there. and i cant credit because i forgot who said it. ????‍????️)

ive changed my mind or corrected my idea on certain things that i knew because i gained more knowledge and information.. and i would like to have a way for me to go back and edit, amend, add on.. or remove totally what no longer hold true or resonate.

so here’s my start of this experiment. the post will be transferred into the website as blog as well soon.

(my website is sooooo under used. and maybe not ready for this sudden idea. so give me some time. hahaha)

p.s: if you are triggered by my typos, grammar, etc.. just breathe and remember im not here to teach you (or anyone) english. and if it’s too much, you can always unfollow. no hard feelings. ❤️

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