You walk out of a coaching session with lots of ‘ah ha’ moments, insights.. you feel fucking good.. you think about all the possibilities of implementing the changes.

Then in a week’s time, you get triggered, you notice old patterns coming up. You caught it, and tried to hold on to what you got from the coaching session.

Another week past by and you notice realised you are falling back deeply into the old patterns. And you start thinking there’s something wrong with you.. why can’t you hold on and make the changes you wanted.

Well, there is nothing wrong with you at all.

We hold beliefs and ideas for years.. for decades even.

How is it that we expect 1 session of ‘ah ha’ moments to shift us into the new idea and belief we wish?

These sessions are great for space holding, accountability, integration, support, implementing sustainable shifts, having someone to call out your bullshit.. or all of the above.

The text support are for moments where you feel like you need someone to be your cheer leader, someone to kick your ass, to remind you.. anything!

The bespoke program will run between 5, 8, 10 sessions and will be curated according to individual. 

How it will flow (generally):

  • setting intention and desires
  • processes, coaching and mentoring
  • closing – setting up for what’s next 

The sessions are held online and between 45 – 60 mins, unless otherwise agreed.

They will be one or combination of these:

accessing akashic record, channeled messages, coaching, consultation or any processes like – innerdance, guided journey, breath work, somatic, inner yoga, guided meditation.

We will curate the details and actual flow of the program together and you have access to everything i know and can hold space for. 

It also includes:

  • text telegram text / voice support – on demand consultation, coaching, channeled message, reiki, etc. (response usually within 24 hrs, unless informed otherwise)
  • guidelines for self work in between sessions 


5 sessions (valid for 2 months): $666 / $555 / $444

8 sessions (valid for 3 months): $999 / $888 / $777

10 sessions (valid for 5 months): $1222 / $1111 / $999

Prices stated are in SGD. You get to choose the any of the pricing stated.

Payment plans are also available – reach out to discuss.


Book your session!

  1. Choose your options and click on the ‘book your sessions’ make payment. (You need to insert the price manually)
  2. Contact me via DM on instagram or telegram to inform me of your choice and arrange for the start date