Reiki is directly translated to universal life force or divine energy. There are many variations of ‘what is reiki’ but my experience with it is that it is pure energy.

Using oxygen as a metaphor.. Reiki, like oxygen, is accessible to all. But some of us take in more, some less, depending on how we breath and how our body function. In vigorous activities, we require more oxygen than other times. Just like for more challenging times, Reiki is great to be an energy booster.

Reiki can also be sent to specific outcomes, intention or spaces! It’s like carrying oxygen tank when you dive or pumping in oxygen when you are climbing the mountain. Reiki doesn’t send you to the top of the mountain, but it may help make the process easier with ‘more oxygen’.

Some examples:
– Intention / outcome: To a perfect resolution to my work arrangements / A smooth and say birthing etc.
– Spaces: Clearing and sending Reiki for your new house or a temporary living space (when on holiday)

Reiki will always work with the intention for our highest good, so sometimes it may not be the outcome we had in mind.

Reiki attunement of spaces is a process to make the space more peaceful, calming, relax and harmonious for us.

In a session, I work as a conduit to help to direct the energy/oxygen to where you want or need it to go to.. like an event usher directing people to where they are supposed to be going.

  • great for balancing, harmonizing and cleansing of body, space, intention and many more
  • results depend on how deeply rooted the issue is
  • recommended to book the bundle of 3 sessions for most people (if you are unsure, reach out!)
  • this is not a replacement for any medical treatment

Here are some guidelines for you to get ready for the session

– You can choose to be present/meditating when I am sending the Reiki just for fun to notice anything comes up for you.

– If you are doing so, prepare your physical space. Ideal to be comfortable and quiet.

– Drink lots of water and do whatever you need to take care of yourself before AND after the session.

– If you are booking for intention/outcome, we will refine and finalize the sentence together.

Looking forward to working with your beautiful soul!

what are some ways you can use this session for? 
  • General balancing and harmonizing of physical / emotional / mental
  • Balancing and harmonizing of your 7 chakras (20 mins) or 9 Human design centers (40 mins)
  • Healing for specific body area / condition / chakra / Human design Center (eg. lower back/Root chakra/G center, etc.)
  • Stress and pain management for both humans and/pets
  • Space clearing and harmonizing for new house, for an event, for your holiday hotel room, etc.
  • Sending energy and intention for important events or outcome (birthing, surgery, wedding, house moving etc)

These are only some examples and there are various way to use the session for. If you are unsure, reach out to me! 

Book your session!

This is a remote session and there is no recording.
Sessions may include channeled guidance / message, please opt out if you do not wish for me to tap in.
If there is any guidance/message, it will be sent in a written format.

Session will be done within 7 – 10 days. You will be contacted with the date and time I will be doing the session.

* 3 sessions package have a validity of 3 months