The Radical Guide (RG) DNA Activation™ method is the process of awakening the dormant spiritual and cosmic strands of DNA and unlocking the magic that’s already within you!

Through DNA activation we will reactivate your power within, clear stagnant, dense energy of past life lessons learned, raise your baseline vibration frequencies and shift your consciousness in this current life.

We are made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body (or some call it energetic body) and our spiritual strand connect all four bodies.

DNA activation is what I call an ‘energetic surgery’ to restore the health of our bodies and sharpen connection with higher source. Blockages in our DNA are seals and tags from past lives, ancestors, soul contracts, etc, which can show up in any of our four bodies.

These blockages prevents the energy flow within us.. from left to right as well and top to bottom. It also keeps our energy dense and keeps us in low vibration and frequencies.. which makes it harder to connect with intuition and higher sources.

During the process, we remove these blockages, restore and clean up damaged strands and awaken the dormant spiritual strands.

By doing so, our natural gifts can then surface and ascension shifts could happen (easier).

It may shows up as shifts in our thoughts/feelings/behaviours when approaching similar situations or a huge ass leap in big life direction.. or both. Clair gifts and intuition will be also be sharpen.

Some experiences from DNA activations (up to 48 strands)

– Enhanced healing in physical body – eg. recovery

– Better regulation, balancing and processing of emotions – alleviate stress, anxieties,

– Increase ability to shift and expand – resistance, perspectives, etc

– Increase in clarity, awareness, alignment

– Deeper connection to self (intuition) and source

– Greater ease and flow

– Grounded sense of self and power

– Integration of shadows and sub/unconscious

– Sharpening of clair gifts

Experiences and benefits differ for individuals based on individual pace and willingness to dive in. eg. In order for alignment, there must be courage to get rid of misalignments. In order for integration of shadows, you first must be willing to face it.

DNA activation shifts your baseline of vibration, it acts like a ground work or booster to the modalities and tools you currently have, or is going to go into.

DNA activation up to 24 strands

– Seals removal (Jehovian Seals, Zeta Seals Strand, Death Seal, Crown of Thorns, Templar Seal, Templar Axion Seal, Seal of Amenti)

– DNA Strand Restoration

– Etheric Body Alignment and Clearing

– Aura clearing

At the end, you will receive an recording of the process and a report including:

– the guides that are present

– channeled message for you

– work to be done from here on (Shadow work, areas to explore, etc)

– tools that can support your journey


DNA activation 25 to 48 strands

– Clearing of Vows and Contracts

– Deep Soul Message

– Balancing of Chakra System

– Clair gift(s) activation: (Primary and secondary)

– Chakra Evaluation

– Archetype(s) Activation (Primary and secondary)

At the end, you will receive an recording of the process and an updated report from your activation up to 24 strands to include the above information. 

Book your session!

Session is typically a 30 – 40 mins process in recording format + written report.

You will be inform of when I am doing the activation. (you are not required to be present, but if you would like to be present to notice or meditate, it is up to you)

You will receive the recording and report in 7 – 10 days after activation.