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about ting

multidimensional being

This is always one of the hardest part of doing the work – maybe second to explaining the work itself.

mystic. starseed. indigo. seer. channeler. vessel of divine. shadow worker.
coach. mentor. guide. facilitator. human. daughter. friend.

There are so many different versions of me that you will experience. Different identities. Different frequencies.

I am multidimensional.. and so are you.

So please bear in mind as you read this page that experiences will shift as we both shifts. Do allow your body, feelings, sensing and experiences to guide you at each given time and space if/when you consider working together.

my stand

why and how i do this

  • No one knows it better than our soul and our(higher)selves what’s good for us
    My job here is as a guide. I do not advocate teacher-student/guru/idolism and I certainly do not know everything. If you had to choose between listening to your inner authority vs me. Choose the former.

  • Divine interventions are best paired with human effort
    I love the profound magic of the universe and unknown. I also love the complex yet amazing capacity within each human. And I believe a combination would create some fucking awesome shit.

  • Hurt people hurt people – Many times from an unconscious space.
    When we are hurting, even from a good cause, it is hard for us to share, change or create the impact we want. Healing opens us to possibilities and also impacting the world differently.

  • Everything is connected.
    When we are in alignment, different aspect of our lives shift. When we are out of alignment in one aspect, it affects another.

I guide, mentor and coach people on remembering who they are on a soul level AND living a full human experience in this dimension.

magic zone

what I do best

I guide, mentor, coach and facilitate your journey on:

Remembering yourself on soul level
‣ Healing and working with your soul contracts
‣ Navigating the human experience in this dimension
‣Making peace with your shadows/inner demons
‣ Sharpening your intuition
‣ Having your gifts work for you
Align the shit out of your life
Unlearn and decondition who you are not
‣ Create flow and ease in your life
‣ Find your best – practical and sustainable, way of working and living
‣ Live and lead intentionally and intuitively
‣ Be wholesome and embodied as your true self

who I work best with

‣ Empath and HSP

‣ Practical rebels

‣ Soulful entrepreneurs

‣ People who knows that it is much more than mind we can tap into

Willing/curious/open souls

“Best” means I have significant experiences with these profile of people, but that is not a limit to who I can work with.

As an advocate of continuous self work as a practitioner, I also accumulated a wide wide of tools and experiences which I use in doing this work.​

tools & inspiration I use

‣ DNA Activation

‣ Guided Inner Journeys / Sound Journeys

‣ Shadow Work (healing/mentoring/coaching)

‣ Channeling

‣ Innerdance

‣ Somatic (body work), Movement and Yoga

‣ Meditation and Breath Work)

‣ Leadership Embodiment

‣ Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling

‣ Human Design

‣ Gene Keys

‣ Essential Oils and Crystals

‣ Reiki & Energy Healing

‣ Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, etc

These are the possible tools I can use and it depends on the need and space of yours. No two person and lives are the same, it is unfair for me to have a fixed way of working together especially so when I am guiding and supporting you to honour your own rhythm.

p/s: If you are a reflector in Human Design and would like to work with me, all the program time frame will be restructured to honour your profile.

if you are good with the above of what I deem as sufficient information, you can stop here.

but if you are interested in more story.. read on. 

looking back

joining the dots

I have always been sensitive since young. It has been a long journey to embrace spirituality.

At 5 years old, when my friends are jumping and dancing with joy during music classes, I was crying outside the class. I was not able to explain that the vibration of the music was too much for me to take, that it send my heart pumping and into anxiety. There were many things I was unable to communicate, unable to articulate that I do not know how to handle what’s going on in my mind and body and all I know was to say that I am scared. So in the adults eyes, I was scared of so many things that it made no sense to them. When I told them I could hear different frequencies, that I saw energy forms.. They did their best to assure me it was the lightings, the angle, it was everything else but what I saw and heard.

I was brought to the doctors, shrink, some chinese mediums who gave me talisman to burn and drink.. Blah blah blah. And I grew up being the angry and unhappy kid, thinking I was an odd ball and shut all of those down. (Okay, I still am.)

When I was 18 years old, as my peers take on retail and F&B jobs, I went to sell crystals and played with numerology. (Right. I was blind to not see the ‘different path’ I took from my peers back then) I was so good at identifying the crystals and remembering their benefits that even my boss back then is surprise. Then she did some stuff (maybe numerology, maybe not, I can’t remember) and told me that my path is the spiritual path and I freaked out. I did not want to be a ghostbuster. And that was all I link ‘spirituality’ with at that time.

It was also around that time that I had a shake to my life and that got me to tap into my own personal power to tide through that dark period. (this story can leave for another day)

Looking back, even though throughout my life.. I have always had strong feelings and my gut feel probably help me got away with a lot of trouble, I did not really felt like it was anything special. In fact, I shut them off.


twist and turn

So I moved on and listened to the advise from the society. Went to university and got “proper jobs”. Travel, drinks and party. My corporate background was marketing and then finance.

It was in my last corporate job as stock broker where I crazily pursue a part time yoga teacher certification. Starting some days as early as 5 am and packing all 7 days with work, clients, yoga practices, yoga training and assessments.

The yoga teacher training sparked my inner work journey and my interest in personal development. I went on to meditation, reiki, and experience different practices and modalities for my own inner work.

Then, magically, an opportunity was offered to me to attend an interactive and experiential trainer training by someone I barely know, followed by EQ workshops, Leadership programs, etc.

With those, I started teaching yoga as well as do corporate training during my free time since 2013. It was also then that I had a another shake in my life that spurred me to dive deeper into understanding my own patterns, behaviours and beliefs.

I also started questioning my purpose and worth in life which lead to questioning my role in my corporate job and finally decided that I have well served my time with the company.

In 2014, I started a new journey of exploring and got trained in psychotherapy, learnt positive psychology and attend numerous personal development trainings. After spending so much time playing around with human effort, learning leadership skills, personal mastery.. And even training and coaching with them, my resistance towards spirituality increases. Spiritual addiction, bypass, and obsessions are the last things I want to be associate with.

But last quarter 2016, the divine messages came one after another. I guess that was when my guardian angels are about to lose their jobs and they cannot afford to let me be stubborn anymore. My mentor in training and fellow trainers was patient and supported me as I resist and struggled through that period. When I look back, I wonder how they were there listening to my bullshit without laughing.

Within a short span of few months, I connected with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, akashic records, reconnected with reiki and started channeling.

Since then, I started holding sessions as well as deepen both my competency in the woo woo as well as people development.. expanding my toolbox with more modalities – innerdance, channeling, somatics and body work, trauma, TRE, leadership embodiment.


where i am

right here, right now

One of my favourite quote from Steve Jobs: You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.


I am meant to be on this path.

End 2018 through whole of 2019 was a period of recalibrating and aligning. Months up in mountain, a massive breakdown..

Massive breakdown reminded me, once again, that I can no longer deviate too far away from myself.

The lockdown and isolation because of Covid-19 also gave me the needed time to reconnect within.

In 2020, I said yes to universe and make this my main work.

My experience with people from all walks of life and ages from under priviledge to lawyers, from kids to youths to working adults to retirees is giving me the assurance of being competent to do this work. Especially grateful for so many opportunities to work with people of much older age than me where I used to think they will put me down because why would they want to work with and listen to a ‘young girl’ not even half their age. (I did not think I am young, just youngER. But of course, to them, I am young)

Now, I surrender to the universe.

Let’s journey together.