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Group healing and Inner Journeys

2021 May Group Healing

For some reason, I cannot find the picture of the cards. Could have lost it due to the porting of server, or….. I don’t know. * Collective group messages may resonate more to some than others as it is tap into the energy of the whole group. In this case, the members who subscribed to… Read More »2021 May Group Healing

pause for yourself

Journal coaching prompts


Energy leak and hoarding

While ‘recovering’ from the 10.10 energy, I thought it would be helpful to share about this. Energy leak and hoarding may sound foreign to you now if you are not used to the terms. But as you read on, you will find it is actually happening every moment. But we do always have a say… Read More »Energy leak and hoarding

love and integration

shadow work


Shadows and Traumas

shadows and traumas are not the same. they may lead to similar behaviors, may overlap one another.. but essentially not the same. traumas can lead to forming of shadows. but not all traumas form shadows. a person who has deeply rooted shadows and act out of is usually end up causing trauma upon someone else.… Read More »Shadows and Traumas

your soul map

human design


An open letter to Reflectors

Dear Reflector. I am sorry I do not have sufficient experiences with your type to share a lot. I will share whatever I can. With your resistant and sampling aura, you are not here to mingle with the rest. You are not here to be caught up with the drama. You sit back, watch the… Read More »An open letter to Reflectors


An open letter to Projectors

Dear Projectors, Your job here is to give advice and guide. But you cannot give advice to someone who does not want it. And honestly, not everyone want it. Not everyone is ready at that given time you have with him/her. Your aura of focus and penetrating. Can you imagine how scary it is for… Read More »An open letter to Projectors


An open letter to Manifestors

Dear Manifestors.  Your closed and repelling aura is here to stay. No matter how much you/we try to people please, play small, etc. You/we can sit by a corner and people still get your/our impact. Closed and repelling aura helps to filter people not for you/us. People you/we love, people that love you/we usually end… Read More »An open letter to Manifestors

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