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The Inquiry Space

where you explore and dive in for information, your own truths and insights on your personal and spiritual journey.

It is a subscription based membership portal with group healings, guided Inner Journeys and resources on living an intentional, intuitive, wholesome and embodied life.

You are invited to explore, seek your truth and gain mastery of your own practices and life.

This portal is to support you in

‣ Learning more about yourself
(patterns, shadows/inner demons, boundaries)

‣ Connecting with your energetic support team
(angels, guides, etc)

‣ Sharpening your intuition

‣ Self healing (inner child, soul contracts, etc)

‣ Learning and sharpening your (clair) gifts

‣ Creating alignment in your life

Unlearning and de-conditioning who you are not

Remembrance of who you are

‣ Creating flow and ease in your life

‣ Living more authentically and true to yourself

who is this for?

This is for people who understand and know that
‣ To live and be-ing takes more than a workshop or a training
‣ Self and inner work is a lifelong process

You do not go for a few sessions, go for three days training and that’s it. It doesn’t just happens this way.

It takes practice, consistency, refining and finding what worksfor you specifically.

Finding what serves and refining to make it sustainable for you.

Also for you who get the importance of journeying at your own space and time!

How it works?

You get access to a membership portal with access to all the materials.

You will be notified once a month with the new materials added.

Two main processes in this subscription are
‣ Distance group healing (including a channeled collective message and meditation)
‣ Guided Inner Journey

Both will be recorded and you can listen to them whenever.

On top of that, you get to immerse yourself in a pool of resources in your self journeying.

Resources refer, but not limited, to:

– Simple reading materials
– Tips, hacks and how to’s for the practices eg. centering, grounding
– Guided processes eg. meditation, breathing, inner journeys
– Journal prompts
– Questionaries and tips to get clarity on what works for you in different areas
This is a self journeying process and you get to choose what you would like to work on from a pool of resources. The whole idea is supporting you to find what works for you for your life. eg, There are many ways of grounding or manifesting. How do you find what works for yourself?

Topics include, but not limited, to:

– DNA activation
– Channeling
– Shadow Work
– Human Design and Gene Key
– Essential oil and crystals
– Somatic and movements
– Manifesting
– Energy clearing, healing, etc
– Inner child work
– Soul contracts (vows, twin flames, ancestral, etc)
Support in an optional Facebook group
Ask questions to me and/or fellow journeyers in specific to a material you experience. Possibly more in dept card pulling and Facebook live, etc.

Subscription options

An investment on yourself

$11 USD per month, 
min. 6 months.

(approx. $15 SGD / mth)

Your subscription expires automatically after.

$111 USD a year. 
Pay in full.

(APPROX. $150 SGD / year)

Your subscription expires automatically after.

Have questions? Send me a message here or on social media.