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towards living a more intentional, intuitive, embodied and wholesome life

Ways to work with me

membership portal

- Self paced

- Wide range of topics

- Affordable

- Great for maintaining your own practice

DNA activation

- 'Energetic' surgery

- One off, permanent effect

- Great for initiating into next level

1:1 One off or deep dives

- Personalised processes using different tools

- Support over email/text for deep dives

- Great if you are looking for personalised and intimate support on moving into a next level

Group coaching / sessions

- These are ad hoc and will be announced when they are available on social media

work with me

Current offerings and services

Deep Dive or One off

Options for one session or over months of support.

Choose your kind of rhythm.

DNA activation​

“energetic surgery” to remove seals, vows, etc that is keeping your energy dense and small in life

The Inquiry Space

membership portal with monthly group healing as well as guided Inner Journeys and other resources

As an advocate of continuous self work as a practitioner, I also accumulated a wide wide of tools and experiences which I use in doing this work.


‣ DNA Activation

‣ Guided Inner Journeys

‣ Shadow Work (healing/mentoring/coaching)

‣ Channeling

‣ Innerdance

‣ Somatic (body work), Movement and Yoga

‣ Meditation and Breath Work)

‣ Leadership Embodiment

‣ Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling

‣ Human Design

‣ Gene Keys

‣ Essential Oils and Crystals

‣ Reiki & Energy Healing

‣ Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, etc

These are the possible tools I can use and it depends on the need and space of yours. No two person and lives are the same, it is unfair for me to have a fixed way of working together especially so when I am guiding and supporting you to honour your own rhythm.


Welcome home to yourself. 🖤

An investment in yourself is an investment you will not lose.​

p/s: clarity and alignment call available for these deep dives.
Hop on for a chat before you sign up! Book your call using the above button!

But if you still need info or have questions, head over to the FAQ + Clients’ love for the work!