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The Dive

‘The Dive’ is a 2.5 – 3 hrs session of deep trust and surrender.. leaping into the void.. flowing and co creating with your higher self and divine, allowing them to take the lead and guide.

Come with an area of your life / business you would like to explore. but be prepared for whatever that divine show to you.

What may possibly happen in the session:

Channeling/ Intuitive / Energetics

  • Human Design referencing coaching
  • Soul contracts (Vows, contracts, past lives, twinflames, soulmates, etc)
  • Channeled message/guidance/
    Akashic Records

Journeying / Processes

  • Inner Journey
  • Sound Journey
  • Channeled meditation/

Healing / balancing

  • Reiki/
    Channeled energy
  • Somatics / Embodiment work
  • Chakra / Human design Centers healing

Empowerment / Practicality

  • Coaching
  • Action plan
  • What’s next

Welcome home to yourself. 🖤

An investment in yourself is an investment you will not lose.​