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The name came about from the beauty and magic of the being constantly in the space between.

The space where it is much need.. where its also where magic is happening.

That beautiful space between each inhale and exhale, between the moment ago and the moment that’s arriving..

Between who we were and who we going to be.

We are always healing, arriving, landing, aligning..

Yes, the “typo”. It is intentional because the name is mostly taken, whether it’s domain, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Yet the name resonate so much that I refused to change.

Therefore, I sat with it until a meaningful “typo” came about to represents..


Many things in this world we are living in are pointing us to seek external sources for what we need. 

Validation. Worth. Answers.

“Be the space” simply means to be what and who we need to be for ourselves and for others.


In each moment, everyone and everything is in a space between.

The present space, the space of now.. is space between the past and future. The space between who we were and who we are going to be.

The between are where magic happens. The magic between art and science. The magic between divine and human effort.


Being in totality.. about wholeness and completeness. 

Being in the experience, acceptance and celebration of our wholeness.

We are whole, we are complete, and perfectly where we need to be.


This space is to honour, guide and support you on your journey of remembrance, healing and integration of wholeness.

With love, light and darkness,