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.. and beyond

Remembrance is a year long commitment to yourself/ourselves.

Yes, you heard that fucking right.


Sounds long? Sure.. think about how many years have you/we abandon ourselves?

How many years you/we gave up your/our power?

How many years you/we have been hiding?

And.. more importantly, check in with yourself.. why are you here right now reading this? What got you here?

You were called to. You were pulled in. 

A part of you know it’s fucking time.

Enough is enough.

It is time to reset and shift the focus to your most important asset – you!

Unlearn, relearn, practice.

It is time to be initiated and leap into your next level.

It is time your intentions get crystal clear.

It is time to lean into your intuition.

It is time your identity strengthen beyond roles and labels.

It is time to integrate all into you.

Is is your time for ascension and expansion.

It is time for you/us to be held, to grieve the death of the different parts of you/us, to rebirth..

to remember..
the power within.
the magic beyond.

See you in there!

Investment and commitment

Energetic and time:

Unofficial sessions: 11 Nov 2021 & 12 Dec 2021 (Info given after signing up)

Official duration: Jan – dec 2022. (222 is link to new cycles of growth and expansion. 😉)

Group coaching + Mastermind format – healing, coaching, peer support

Diving into the themes of Mysticism & Spirituality.

Grounded with practical tools. p/s: you get access to all of the tools, resources and beyond of mine. Curious what they are? head to about me.

Exploring initiation, intentionality, intuition, identity, integration.

Unlearn, Relearn, Practice

2 x approx. 2hrs calls per month near new moon and full moon. It be recorded and make available if you cannot make it live. But once the sign ups are confirm, we aim to find a time that will work for most. (There may be recordings and/or other processes in between the calls. but it can be done at your convenience and/or free will.)


One off payment of USD $2222.

or 3 x $777 (payment every 6 weeks)

* customised payment plans available. Send me a message.

* A min. of 5 pax is required for programme to start. Full refund will be available if min. is not met.
* 100% paid scholarship available at 20% of sign up participants. eg. 1 scholarship position for min. of 5 pax who signed up.


Maybe you’ve gone through programmes, you’ve gained the knowledge, you’ve understood the concepts, you’ve gone through your healing, you’ve grown and level up.. and you are wondering what is gonna be different in this.. how far will this brings you..

In this program, you are not going to learn anything new.

You are going to unlearn.. unlearn all that shit that isn’t you.
You will relearn.. all that is you on a soul level.
You will be connecting with source.
You will be connecting with yourself.

You are not coming in to learn step 1- 10 and then you are on your own.

You are relearning your unique rituals, your unique rhythm, your grounding, your roots.

We will spend time exploring, diving and practicing.

If you want to know what will this bring you. Let me be fucking honest – I cannot tell you exactly.. and never will. Your divinity, our divinity is not something that can be grasped and predicted.

But I can promise you.. as far as possible.. as far as the divine brings us.. beyond what we know, what we imagine.. to what we need.. who we truly are.

Welcome home to yourself. 🖤

An investment in yourself is an investment you will not lose.​

p/s: this is not for you if..

– you want step by steps. you want structure.
– your human mind is hungrier than your soul.
– you are not ready to trust. yourself, your body, your intuition, your guides.. the universe, the divine.
– you are not ready to do the work for yourself, with yourself.