Inner Journey: Cleanse and Letting go


A channeled recording to be downloaded and used with your own ritual/practice.

Recording is approx. 35 mins.

p/s: If you are subscribed to Inner Journey Immersion, this is already in the portal!

A guided recording of Inner Journey for Cleansing and Letting go.

This is channeled and recorded (approx. 35 mins) to be used with your own ritual/practice for this coming full moon (September 2020).

That said, it can be used any time you feel drawn to it.

If you are visiting this page/saw this after this physical timeline of September 2020, but feel drawn to it, know that it is not bounded by our physical timeline. It may be a tool for you to heal something that had happened back then, or what you need currently is similar to what’s recorded back then.

They are meant for personal usage. But if you feel called to share them with your friends, please go ahead! My request is for you to send an energy exchange of any amount that feels right via PayPal here.

All virtual purchase of recordings are limited to  3 downloads, just in case of errors.


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