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oh hello

Welcome human.

My name is Ting. I am the heart, mind, body and soul behind The Space Betwin.

The Space Betwin was birthed in 2018 after a few years of aligning and recalibrating.

Some of my friends and I joked about the number of times I rebranded. I think it was 6 times since 2012. It’s a lot and funny to look back at it. But also to me, it was exactly what I stand for – resonance and alignment.

I invite you to do the same with deciding to engage my service and me.

If you had to start weighing pros and cons, think hard if you would like to sign up for anything here, sit with it. Wait it out, don’t sign up.

Sign up when you know its right, when you have that tingling sensation in your heart, your gut.. or nothing at all. No ‘logical’ reason but it feels sooo right.

I create this space for unique remembrance of our souls while living the full human experience in this dimension.

I am here to work together with you to carve that unique path of coming home to yourself, making peace with your shadow/inner demon, sharpening your intuition and aligning the shit out of your life.. and it starts the moment you are in here.

I am honoured to be holding space for your journey and I look forward in journeying together.


my toolbox

tools and inspiration i use

‣ DNA Activation

‣ Guided Inner Journeys / Sound Journeys

‣ Shadow Work (healing/mentoring/coaching)

‣ Channeling / Akashic Record

‣ Innerdance

‣ Somatic (body work), Movement and Yoga

‣ Meditation and Breath Work)

‣ Leadership Embodiment

‣ Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling

‣ Human Design

‣ Gene Keys

‣ Essential Oils and Crystals

‣ Reiki & Energy Healing

‣ Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, etc

These are the possible tools I can use and it depends on the need and space of yours. No two person and lives are the same, it is unfair for me to have a fixed way of working together especially so when I am guiding and supporting you to honour your own rhythm.

zone of magic

service and offerings

DNA Activation

An ‘energetic surgery’ to restore the health of our bodies and sharpen connection with higher source by removing energetic blockages.

This is a process of awakening the dormant spiritual and cosmic strands of DNA and unlocking the magic that’s already within you!

Channeled/Akashic record reading

Connecting to higher wisdoms to receive healing, clarity, guidances, perspectives or insights to your life and soul journey.

Consultation / Coaching & Mentoring

As straight forward as it can get -in this session/s, I offer support for you on spiritual and personal development journey.

Free flow exchange resources

Head over to the Youtube channel and/or the blog to access channeled messages + guidance, processes, meditation, insights + guidance on your spiritual and personal journey.

social media

Join me on the journey