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Welcome home to yourself.

Make peace with your shadow, sharpen your intuition and align the shit out of your life.

Watch magic happen as you live an intentional, intuitive, wholesome and embodied life! ✨



My name is Ting and I am the heart and soul behind The Space Betwin.

The Space Betwin was birthed in 2018 after a few years of aligning and recalibrating.

Some of my friends and I joked about the number of times I rebranded. I think it was 6 times since 2012. It’s a lot and funny to look back at it. But also to me, it was exactly what I stand for – resonance and alignment.

I invite you to do the same with deciding to engage my service and me.

If you had to start weighing pros and cons, think hard if you would like to sign up for anything here, sit with it. Wait it out, don’t sign up.

Sign up when you know its right, when you have that tingling sensation in your heart, your gut.. or nothing at all. No ‘logical’ reason but it feels sooo right.

I started this space to guide you on coming home to yourself, making peace with your shadow/inner demon, sharpening your intuition and aligning the shit out of your life.. and it starts the moment you are in here.

I am honoured to be holding space for your journey and I look forward in journeying together.



Group Coaching + Mastermind format container.

One fucking year of commitment to yourself.

work with me

Current offerings and services

Deep Dive or One off

Options for one session or over months of support.

Choose your kind of rhythm.

DNA activation​

“energetic surgery” to remove seals, vows, etc that is keeping your energy dense and small in life

The Inquiry Space

membership portal with monthly group healing as well as guided Inner Journeys and other resources

join us in the

facebook group

In this container, I invite you to share and exchange your woo experiences, questions, gifts, insights, and/or anything magical.

For subscribers, do ask questions about the resources there as well to hear different perspectives and insights. 

Let’s support each other on our journey of healing, integration and remembrance towards wholeness (and oneness)!