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Commonly asked questions
Client's experiences

I have gathered some thoughts, questions and our answers over the years as well as client’s experiences.

Here are some of them that you may want to look at.

What is...

There are roles that we take on and image of who we suppose to look like, speak, and behave while in that role. There are certain ways we would like to be seen by the world. There are certain ways we are told that we are suppose to be by parents, society, ourselves. with that, it also means there are certain things and image we do not wish to be seen or associated with. And that, is the shadow self.

Anything that is not in alignment with who we want to be seen as becomes our shadow self/dark side/inner demons. They are the parts of us that is being rejected, denied, perceive as inferior or unacceptable. They are the parts of us that we no longer claim to be, and that includes “positive” qualities as well.

These disowned parts of us are not out of us, but in our unconsciousness. and before the shadow self is brought into subconscious or consciousness and before it is fully integrated, it pops up when triggered.. usually sabotaging our life.

Shadow work healing/coaching with me involve conversation of exploring your shadow self/dark side/inner demons. Different processes like Inner Journey, Channeling, etc will be used and varies with each individual. It is a journey of reintegrating and an essential process towards wholeness. It brings about higher self awareness, authenticity, creativity, improved relationship, living in totality and many more.


This is where we allow our body to speak, to stand up for itself, and to tell stories. Freedom and self healing through your own intuitive wisdom, breath and movements.

Our body contain all the information that we do not know and speak, even the trauma we went through. This session is a space for us to allow our bodies to speak through movement and releases the tensions. Our minds have a say, our emotions have a say. Most of us are being controlled or driven by our minds and emotions but our body is usually driven by us. So this session, we allow it to drive us and be amazed by how graceful, how amazing, how wonderful it feels like.

You do not need any dance background or strong yoga practice. Let your body teach you the moves and poses. This is an invitation for you, who wants to create a safe space for yourself and for the people who are going to be there to experience how it feels like to be free. 

This two practices aim to empower you to trust and listen to your body. Practice connecting to your senses and awareness of your body, listening to the wisdom of it and flow through the session.



This may be because of either timezone difference or I currently do not offer that.

I am mindful of my working hours to keep my energy at optimal to honour the work, you and my own energy. So the slots might be limited and/or I am taking a break.

In any case, send me a message and we will see where we flow from there!

As much as you do not want something that’s not for you, I do not want to work with someone who is not for me too. So rest assure that the last thing I want is to close the ‘sales’ and make you sign up.

You can choose to

1) Check out the rest of the website and/or social media and get more sensing.

2) Write in and have a chat.

3) Sit with it and decide later.


It is very intentional to keep the info short without the typical long ass description, bold, bright colours to trick your mind into urgency and buying immediately.

If your questions are not answered on this website or in this section here or anywhere, send it over!

p/s: If you are using ‘more info’ to decide if we are suitable to work together, I invite you to take a step back and check in with your inner wisdom and authority instead.

Ask questions like, what about me and/or my services/offerings that draws you over? what pushes you towards me and/or my services/offerings? Hear your own responses and determine if they come from a head space with lots of explanation and logic or an aligned/guided resonance that.. just feels good/right.



If it is financial constraint, do reach out and share what may work best for you.

If it is time or commitment, drop me a message. Sometimes that helps me to gather interest and decide if/when the next run/session will happen.

Bottomline is, if you feel really drawn to something that is being offered here but have difficulties attending, reach out to me for a chat. I cannot promise I can always make it work. But if it also feels right for me, we can find a way that works for both!

Please do.

For group sessions, I try to cater to different levels and pace. If there are beginners in the sessions, I usually slow down and explain more.

But I seek your understanding that it is hard or even impossible to cater to every single one perfectly because everyone is at different part of their own journey.

There is no strict answer for this.

For some practices, eg. meditation. It is good to do it daily.

For channeling, it is closely link to the energy we carry as well. So guidance may differ even if you had done a channeling last week and then something happened and your energy shifted.

Inner Journey can eventually be done daily as a form of meditation.

But in some cases where someone is obsessed with the feeling of being in the session but not actually integrating into their life, it is actually better to stop for a while and work on the integration.

“Are the process link to any religion?”

“Will it clash with the teaching of my religion?”
I am not sure of your religion so I cannot answer if it will.


All the processes and my own practices are not link to any religion. I believe in a greater force, higher source bigger than me and I am open to the idea that it could be ‘God’ as referred to in some religion.

It is not my intention to convert anyone in any ways. If you do have one, it would be great that you have a way to for the practices and processes to work together with your religion. I do have some clients’ who shared about doing so.

I am also not interested to go into a debate of which religion is better or if anyone should believe in anything.

Free flow exchange

Sliding scale, Pay as you can, Donations, Variable pricing, etc

Some call it the Aquarian Age pricing/structure. If that’s more familiar for you.

If not, it simply means the freedom of exchange.. or not.

This is what I decided upon as I am expecting a shift in how business is going to be run, and this is the part of the shift.

I am not giving the stuff as ‘freebies’ to collect emails or ‘convert’ you to pay me to work together. I would like it to be a free flow exchange based on what you wish and/or can.

It is an opportunity to explore relationship with ‘free things’ and exchange.. owning the the power, responsibility and discernment of exchange and going beyond money as exchange.

Monetary is easiest as a common denominator and I welcome that because it is what I can use easily for my life.

Other forms of exchange can be sharing, commenting, sending me an email.. sharing what/how it has impact you.

I am open to other offers. Send a message to let me know what you would like to offer as exchange – reiki, card reading, etc.

Short answer, yes.

But what the exchange is, depends on what has been received.

If you did not receive value or benefit from the materials and resources.. it did not do you anything – physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically, then there is nothing to exchange.

If you did walk away feeling full, received value or benefitted from anything, then a fair energy exchange is good to maintain the karmic and energy flow.

You can choose from exchange from
– Monetary exchange
– Actionable exchange; like, share, comment, send me a message
– Service or product exchange



Sliding scale are options to cater for different budgets. Pay as you can is choosing an amount that works for you. You may wish to pay more, but situation may not allow. So pay as you can. If/when it feels right, you can donate when situation changes for you. 

Probably not. Our life experiences are often not “fairly distributed” also.

If this is on a specific session, I would like to be transparent about any arrangements with the other participants who are also co creating the space.

When there is a special arrangement in the session/program, I would share with the rest.

If anyone feels that it is unfair and is not willing to accept that, I am happy to discuss refunds.

Preparing for sessions

– Check in with your intention, shift into a space of trust, willingness and openness.
– If this is a remote session.. Prepare your physical space.  Ideal to be comfortable, quiet and private where you are safe and undisturbed.
– Water for drinking!
– Dress comfortably. Even if no movement is required. Comfort is great to have for any sessions.
– Optional: Have your crystals, essential oils, etc nearby
– Take time to look at what you would like to explore for private 1:1 sessions 

– Internet connection
– Preferably a laptop with camera access. But tablet or phone works if it can be held or placed in a way that’s stable enough for me to see you during the process.
– Prepare your physical space. Ideal to be comfortable, quiet and private where you are safe and undisturbed.
– Headphones or ear piece is optional if you are in a private space on your own – depends on your personal preference.

For confidentiality, if you are attending a group session, please ensure you are alone in the room or have a headset / ear piece.

After the session, more stuff may surface.. so,
– Hydrate!
– Rest, take care and be gentle
– Practice free will. The power is in your hands now.
– Reach out for support.

– Formulate open ended questions. Stay away from prediction, yes/no questions or anything of that nature.
– Keep your questions concise and specific.
– Keep away from fear inducing questions eg. death. I will not answer any questions that I feel I am not comfortable as well.
– Let it be in your power, only ask questions for yourself. I will not answer any questions asked on behalf or about someone else.

Client's love for the work