words: try and then i will know

Photo by Cheyenne Doig on Unsplash

if you are familiar with human design, this is the story of a line 3 profile.

i jump in, experience and then i know if i want it. it may not take too long.. i sometimes just need to dip my toes in. but it does take effort to prepare, travel to the destination, get change.. dip my toes in the water.. and….. oh. fuck. i dont like this. 

that makes it hard to invite people with me – what if i dont like it after a quick toe dip?

this is the same for trying different online platforms.

sign up, set things up.. dip my toes in.. maybe feet. maybe more. maybe longer.

for now, substack has been lovely. my toes are in.. and i feel like i want go take a full body dip and try.

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