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stories that some might like to hear

stories that some might like to hear.

p/s: some generalization and stereotyping involved.

once upon a time, a woman decided it’s time. she decided she will not dim her own light so others feel good.

no more people pleasing..
no more caring and putting others before her all the time..

she choose the freedom to do what she want, when she want..

she choose wisdom to discern between care, unsolicited advice and projections.
she listen to what serves and allow the rest to fuck off with her fart.

everyone choose to leave her…. alone. they respect her boundaries and are happy for her.

they all live happily ever after.

once upon a time, a men decided it’s time. he decided not to live for the old idea of being a men.

fuck ‘real men dont cry’ because real men cry. real men feel, like a human.

he choose vulnerability.. feelings.. emotions..
forget the old idea of ‘strong’..
many of the ‘weak’ behaviours are in fact the strongest choices a person (not just men) can make.

everyone choose to laugh with him (not at him).. they celebrate his courage to be true to himself and are happy for him.

they all live happily ever after.

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