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tips for when you feel stuck or struggle with something

are you feeling stuck?
or struggling with something you know you need and will serve you, like resting?

tip 1: stop “i know..”-ing. work on un-knowing, unlearning.
tip 2: work on safety. allow yourself to relearn safety in rest.
tip 3: cant get to 2 if stuck at 1.
tip 4: get your smart ass out of the way and ask for support.

many know that they need rest. they know rest is good for them.

many know what they need to do, what would move them in the direction they desire.

but yet, struggle to be in it.. whether it is resting or being in the direction they desire. conversation and stories about guilt, about not doing enough.. not making enough money..

the patterns are similar – “i know.. but its hard..” “i know.. but i cannot..”

“i know….” – but the patterns keep repeating and they struggle with their struggle.

im blessed to be surrounded by smart people. knowing something is not difficult.. it is the breaking out of it. and you see, the thing about smart people.. it’s also hard to find someone who can hold space or guide them – because they already know.

so, tip 1: stop “i knowing”-ing.
“i know i need to work on deconditioning. but i seem to keep getting/feeling stuck”

sometimes it feels like one step forward, two steps back.

but the thing is, each time we think we know, we create an invisible limit for ourselves. we think it’s forward, but it isn’t.

tip 2: work on safety.
for most people, the body.. the cells.. remember the hustle. they remember the need to hustle from the conditionings of our mind for years. the ‘consequences’ of non-doing, non-working.. rest.. ‘useless’.. it is deeply ingrained.

breaking out of it is not a two hour thing.

people feel stuck, they come to me. they get clarity, they feel unstuck. one week later, they go back to square one because there is no safety in the new information. there is not enough holding space for the new information.

tip 3: cant get to 2 if 1 isn’t complete.
self explanatory. the reason why many feel like they are in limbo.
also do not, sometimes we do need to experience something to know 1 isn’t complete.

tip 4: get your smart ass out of the way and ask for support.
get a fucking coach + mentor. it is not mandatory but it can affect the experience and duration.

(of cos if you are a line 1/3 in human design, forget about this. or get a 1/3 coach/mentor.)

3 / 6 / 12 months of coaching + mentorship now open for booking.
for my sanity, limited slots available.
but, that does not mean you need to worry.
it’s ready for booking in the system since January. but i only felt the urge just now and so, i wrote this and posted this.

feel into it or jump into it – do what feel best.

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