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‘not self’ is self.

many of you who had followed me since the old account knows that i’m into human design (HD). i love the system. i love how complex it is. i love how we get it but will never fully get it until we live it.

but maybe only some of you know.. i cringe at many of the words that are being used.

before letting go of my safety net and jumping in this full time, i spent a great deal of my time in training and coaching, with heavy reference to ontological coaching which have emphasis on body, emotions, language.

language – it is sometimes unfair as not everyone’s first language is English. but if you work with me closely, i am really particular about the distinction, the choice of words, etc. (this can be story for another day. but for today, let me focus on language of human design)

in HD, one of the first few things we learn or read about is the ’not self’.

over the years, i hear so many people talk about ’not self’ as if it is bad, it is shameful, it is something we should avoid.

i cringed each time i witness that.

that is a whole lot of conditioning. in fact, that create shadows to work through and release.

so many begin to want to hide the ’not self’, to suppress it, to get out of it.

no. please. no.

your ‘not self’ is yourself.
my ‘not self’ is myself.

it is a part of us.

’not self’ is a form of feedback, a messenger.
it is a way of telling us something is ‘off’.

‘off’ is not wrong.
‘off’ is not bad.
’off’ is normal.
‘off’ is human.

it is like the engine light being switched on. the ‘low battery’ notification on our phone.

it is a way of telling us to go back to us, to honour ourselves.

manifestor: what has been violated?
what boundaries, values, etc have been crossed?

projector: what is unjust to you?
what hurt you? what is building the resentment up?

manifesting generator + generator: what is in your way?
what do you want and what is stopping you?

reflector: what is ‘incorrect’ to you?
what/who do you need to release yourself from?

in summary, our ’not self’ tell us either..
1) what/where to heal or release
2) what we stand for

and i hope the next time you fall into ’not self’, you remember it is part of you. it is your tool, your compass, your messenger.. and that you can be with it, show some love, honour it. 🤍🖤

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