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Energy leak and hoarding

While ‘recovering’ from the 10.10 energy, I thought it would be helpful to share about this.

Energy leak and hoarding may sound foreign to you now if you are not used to the terms. But as you read on, you will find it is actually happening every moment. But we do always have a say and power in our own energy, which I will share some ways you can explore to manage and/or navigate through.

Firstly, what are they?

Energy leak
Imagine a pouring water through a pipe with hole/s, water will be leaking and at the end, we will end up with lesser water than when we first pour through.

Energy leak is us having our energy being drained away from us – whether by our own choice/actions or external factors. It is like having slowly being drained by something/someone.

Energy hoarding
“Hoarding is the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value.”

Energy hoarding means us holding on and/or unable to let go of something/someone or having our energy held by external factors. It takes up space which does not allow energy flow for other things/people.

“Something/someone” can refer to experiences, incidents, trauma, or anything that takes up/away our energy, etc.

“External factors” can be people, things, collective energy, planetary movements, etc.

Regardless energy leak or hoard, both does not serve us in the long run.

Some examples of energy leak/hoarding.. our own choice/actions:

  • “Overstaying” or refusing to let go
  • Pretending to be someone else we are not
  • Emotions and feelings not given a space and time to be processed
  • Allowing people to cross our boundaries
  • Not speaking our truth
  • Projecting and/or taking in projection from others external factors:

  • Receiving end of abuse, ghosting, projections, etc
  • Huge energy influx / flow /shift of energy from planetary movements / collective

All of these can happen consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously.
But, in any case, we can do something about it.

And here are some things you can explore to manage or navigate through.
They can be done through self inquiry or engaging in coach or energy facilitator.


1) Acceptance
Understand that we are constantly in this space and it is nothing wrong. There are people we choose to allow the leak and hoard, eg. people we care, we think about, etc. It is not okay when it is cross the line of our capacity, what we allow and/or affect our well being.

2) Awareness
When is it ‘not okay’? Whenever you dont feel ‘right’ or ‘good’. Or how you find yourself very drawn to this post.

Here are some possible cues: –
Body sensations: Stuckness, tension, pressure, restlessness, etc.
Thought patterns: Beliefs of unworthiness, rejection, scarcity, etc.
Feelings or emotions: Anger, resentment, fear, etc.

Passing experience of these are normal, if/when they are prolonged, they are some good indicators or cues for us to explore deeper.

3) Clarity
Basically who, what, when, where, how, why?

Some prompts for you to explore on your own:
What is this energy hoard or leak about?
Where and how do I experience it?
How familiar is it in my life?
Why am I allowing it? What am I getting from it?
How can I release this?
How can I protect myself while I process this?

4) Energy clearing, balancing, healing, call back
Meditation, grounding, singing, dancing, setting boundaries, setting intentions, clearing your living space and self with sage, palo santo, etc. Having an energy facilitator/healer to support you.


Here are some intention/statements you can use to call back your energy and/or incorporate into the above and/or your practices:
“I call back all the energy leak and hoard that I did not consent”
“It is okay to be whole and complete”
“I hereby release any emotions/feelings that does not belong to me”
“I hereby ask the universe/divine to support me in facilitating the energy flow”
“I release the projections upon me.”
“I release my projections upon others”
“I forgive myself and others for allowing it to happen”

Do drink lots of water and have a lot of rest!

If you need further support:
– I have some resources available on YouTube or this blog.
– If it feels right for you, I am available for private journeying session where we can dive deeper for soul retrieval, cord cutting, or energy balancing/healing.

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