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2021 January + Full Moon Group Healing (Theme: “Assurance”)

Theme: “Assurance”

the cards appearing in one direction, reassuring us the ‘right’ direction we are on. coming together with it is the message we are protected.. having our guides side by side with us, even it might not seem obvious. also that underneath us, we are held with a strong foundation.

comparison is loud yet, context of comparing is not clear. a clear context of comparing can support and be used as reference. but when it is done off context, it is damaging and blind us to see the progress of ours. even apple to apple comparison brings out questions.. what are we comparing? size? sweetness? what does the comparison results tell us? are we taking it in objectively?

clear ourselves and remember we are very well protected and guided.. at every single step, towards our greater good.

* Collective group messages may resonate more to some than others as it is tap into the energy of the whole group. In this case, the members who subscribed to the portal and those who sign up individually.

Guided meditation here:

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