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2020 December + Full Moon Group Healing (Theme: “Filter”)

Theme: “Filter”

Filter the things that are on your plate right now, filter the things that are coming your way.

As the festive season sets in, this is a reminder for you to spend more time for yourself. To filter out. What’s for you what’s not for you? 

And there will be a lot of pressure to set your end goals, New Year goals. It is easy fall into the trap. 

So remember to take a step back. Notice that among the roller coaster. You are still in alignment towards the goal, towards your life.. and going towards your purpose and direction.

Everything is but a mirror, reflecting what’s being put in front of you. Filter them, what did you take on, why did you take on? What is the purpose of that for you?

What is within? 

Take a step back. Reconnect with your magic and next move for again. 

* Collective group messages may resonate more to some than others as it is tap into the energy of the whole group. In this case, the members who subscribed to the portal and those who sign up individually.

** This recording is one of the first few of experiments and the audio is not among the best. Having said so, it can still be beneficial. But just be mindful of the noises as you proceed.

Guided meditation here:

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