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What is Shadow Work? (Summary)

There are roles that we take on and image of who we suppose to look like, speak, and behave while in that role. There are certain ways we would like to be seen by the world. There are certain ways we are told that we are suppose to be by parents, society, ourselves. with that, it also means there are certain things and image we do not wish to be seen or associated with. And that, is the shadow self.

Anything that is not in alignment with who we want to be seen as becomes our shadow self/dark side/inner demons. They are the parts of us that is being rejected, denied, perceive as inferior or unacceptable. They are the parts of us that we no longer claim to be, and that includes “positive” qualities as well.

These disowned parts of us are not out of us, but in our unconsciousness. and before the shadow self is brought into subconscious or consciousness and before it is fully integrated, it pops up when triggered.. usually sabotaging our life.

Shadow work healing/coaching with me involve conversation of exploring your shadow self/dark side/inner demons. Different processes like Inner Journey, Channeling, etc will be used and varies with each individual. It is a journey of reintegrating and an essential process towards wholeness. It brings about higher self awareness, authenticity, creativity, improved relationship, living in totality and many more.

Let’s transmute the darkness with love and integration!


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