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An open letter to Projectors

Dear Projectors,

Your job here is to give advice and guide. But you cannot give advice to someone who does not want it. And honestly, not everyone want it. Not everyone is ready at that given time you have with him/her.

Your aura of focus and penetrating. Can you imagine how scary it is for some people? In a group of people, but having someone almost having a spotlight, zoomed in on them?

That is the gift of projectors. They can see to the core.

Yet, the dilemma comes when a projector is not used to looking at themselves and not doing work on themselves. Not knowing what you see is your own pattern, habits or limited perspective or the other party’s core.

You are the spotlight to shine on people but if the light is not cleaned, the light being shone cannot see the purest form.

Or when the light shines on someone/something without permission, it exposes things that they might not be ready or want to face.. or want others to know.

That said, invitations don’t look a certain way of “hey, i would like to invite you to…..” It can look like “oh, i’m interested” “we can have coffee on day.” “I’ve been wanting to look at…”

Invitations may not look exclusive and direct. Invitations can be open and free invitations.

There are countless invitations happening. The question then is, is the invitation for you. Do you want that invitation? Does it align to your path?

Your signature of success is not a benchmark from others. It is your version of success. What then is that? So many projectors getting caught with the version of success set by others.. influenced by others.. therefore end up trying to match up. But, what is yours?

And how can you guide others to their success? Not yours, other external.. but THEIR success?

Thank you for being the light, dear projectors! 🖤




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