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An open letter to Manifestors

Dear Manifestors. 

Your closed and repelling aura is here to stay. No matter how much you/we try to people please, play small, etc. You/we can sit by a corner and people still get your/our impact. Closed and repelling aura helps to filter people not for you/us. People you/we love, people that love you/we usually end up in the aura space anyway.

It’s weird and sometimes feels like “I just stood up and the whole room turned and looked over? Like what?”

We cannot change the impact we create.. but we can change the type of impact we create.

Love can be an impact. Gentleness can be an impact. Tenderness, Peace, Courage.. can all be impact we can create.. not just anger and bull dozing.

Stop imagining the hardest way of informing and initiating! It’s hard to remember sometimes. But how then can you/we make this process simple and part of your/our flow? ‘oh, i would like this.” “I prefer that” “I need”  “I need to just talk, I don’t need anything else.” What works is, learn the other party’s preference and language.

Initiating does not need to look like having everything ready to present to the world. It can be like “hey, i am thinking, this is a good idea to explore”

Informing does not need to look like having a full plan to share. It can be like “I am going to do this.. not sure what and how. Just so you know if I get busy..”

Also, the struggle of timing. It is not exactly true that Manifestors can just initiate and do what they want. We can. But it is not effective. This is a bit like combining strategy and authority, so I leave it till then.

As for peace. Peace if not the lack of external nonsense. Peace is not having everything your/our way. Peace can be knowing you/we are following our strategy and authority and you/we are good. Peace can be learning to have things work with you/us.. and for you/us. Peace can be knowing the boundary to draw as to when you/we did your/our best but it wasn’t enough for the other person. Peace can be knowing our purest intention and honouring it. What is peace to you? What is your peace?

As I type this as a fellow Manifestor, I feel emotional. hahahah. But I feel you, I hear you. We have what it takes to bull doze. We can do so. But the world is not just about us and it is not effective and healthy for us as well.

Peace is not just what we experience as our signature. Peace is what we can bring to the world learning and practicing initiating and informing the ‘right’ way. (‘right’ because there isn’t ONE right way. but the ‘right’ way is what would work for you and the people around you.)🖤

Love from a fellow Manifestor,


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