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An open letter to Manifesting Generators and Generators

Dear Manifesting Generators and Generators.

Thank you for being the builders we so need in the world. Thank you for generating the energy force for all of us.

You cannot initiate. But your open and enveloping aura pulls people in. You do not need to initiate!

The reason why you “wait” to respond because being a magnet, you are gonna draw in SO MUCH opportunities and stuff. You can’t possibly do it all. Actually you can. But you do not need to. You respond to what makes you happy. What lights you up. What brings you joy and satisfaction.

While “waiting”, you busy bee are responding ALL the time, building and doing other things that makes you feel good. And that can be so many other things, other than that ONE thing you are “waiting” for.

It sounds like a ‘problem’ from my MG and G friends only when they are fixated on “waiting” for that ONE thing and misses out on other things to respond to.

There are millions of things to respond to. The phone. The news. The menu. The promotion. The advertisements.

Everything is something you can respond to. Except the question is, is it something for you? Is it something you want to respond to?

When you respond and live with satisfaction (your signature), you give out consistent and flowing energy that brings about satisfaction, that the rest of us (Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors) can borrow and multiply. 🖤



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