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An open letter to all the types

Dear all.

Each type has its strength and we need all to function as a world.

Here I will show some examples of how it can play out with diff types together.

Manifestor: We should have coffee one day (initiating)

Projectors, Manifesting Generators and Generators.. This is an open invite and something you can respond to. So you can go ahead and ‘initiate’.. “Let’s do coffee on xxx. How about that?”

Reflectors. You can watch at the side. If the coffee place or if hanging out with them is what you like/want to try (sample), then you go ahead.

If I put this in a family dynamic.

Manifestors are like parents. The ones who, if forcefully decide on something. The whole family gets the impact and can be unhappy. Also the one who when sets the direction right, creates an environment of peace.

Projectors are the big brother and sisters. First, being the ‘role model’ then knowing/understanding the siblings and ‘teaching’ them in a way that works for them.

Manifesting Generators and Generators are the children. Do only what makes them happy and satisfied. Teaching everyone else to remain true to that.. doing what lights them up!

Reflectors are the kids that bring about joy and always in wonder and surprise! Not being caught up with all the nonsense around.. Walking their path and teaching us wonders of life.

There is NO ONE WAY how initiating and informing look and sound like.

There is NO ONE WAY how invitations look and sound like.

There is NO ONE WAY what the things you can respond to look and sound like.

There is NO ONE WAY how waiting (a lunar) cycle looks and sounds like.

There is NO ONE WAY how peace, satisfaction, success and surprise look and sound like.

It is very important to experiment and watch how it play out in your own life and what works for you.

As much as we learn our chart, align and live in integrity with it, it does not mean that is it.

The person we interacting with, when not self, when not in alignment, will also bring about struggle for us and question our alignment and practice.

I am regretting writing this the last after I finished with the types. I feel like there are a lot more things I am missing out, but I will add them along the way.

Writing this and the rest of the ‘letters’ is unplanned but felt right for me. But it has taken half of my working hours today. Send me luck, energy and love to hold this through 6 weeks. HAHAHA. 🖤


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