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An open letter to Reflectors

Dear Reflector.

I am sorry I do not have sufficient experiences with your type to share a lot.

I will share whatever I can.

With your resistant and sampling aura, you are not here to mingle with the rest.

You are not here to be caught up with the drama. You sit back, watch the play and enjoy your popcorn. You like the show, you stay.

You are not here to take in so deeply, which can be a dilemma because of how open your centers are.

Having to wait a lunar cycle and having the signature of surprise to me is like a curious joyful kid. Trying everything with wonder and curiosity. Moving on to the next. And when the ‘waiting’ or even trying and sampling is done. You decide what’s for you.

And you being and embodying that, teaches the rest of us not to take things so seriously and be open and ready for surprises!

I wish I had more experiences with your type, but I really don’t and I do not want to pretend to know you enough to offer more than what I have. 🖤




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